Global Education: The Human Rights Dimension

Logos Free Books gives you another one of the environmental science news articles – The North-South Center of the Council of Europe launches a new free online course on the human rights dimension of education for global citizenship

The North-South Center is pleased to announce a new free online course: “Global Education – The Human Rights Dimension”, in collaboration with The Network University, designed for teachers working in education formal and non-formal decision-makers and media professionals.

As of October 1, 2018, this new online course is open to anyone interested in the concept of human rights education in the context of global citizenship education, wishing to concentrate in its practice while exploring his dilemmas and challenges.

At the end of this four-week course, participants will be able to:

-understand the relationship between education for global citizenship and human rights education and Girls’ education and gender equality
-to understand human rights education at the local level and its interconnections with the global context
-to understand the dilemmas and challenges of human rights education
-practice human rights education through the organization of activities

Since 2009, the North-South Center has trained more than 1,500 participants from more than 50 countries through a series of online training courses that cover three different dimensions of global citizenship education: human rights, intercultural dialogue and democratic citizenship. Each course is held twice a year and lasts four weeks. Classes consist of texts and videos and require an active participation of 10 hours per week.
The North-South Center, in collaboration with experts in the fields of human rights and education for global citizenship, has designed a course that introduces human rights education and discusses its concepts, approaches, strategies and action, considering its interconnections between global and local contexts. For more information you can read About us.

Enrollments are made on The Network University’s social learning platform, to access this free online course starting October 1, 2018. Open to everyone, anywhere in the world, you can participate in this course. run in the comfort of your own home.

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