Girls’ education and gender equality

Girls’ education and gender equality are at the heart of GPE’s vision to improve learning and equity for all by 2020, through strengthened education systems.

According to the latest science news discoveries, since 2000, progress has been made to boost girls’ enrollment in school. However, it is estimated that 131 million girls in the world are still out of school. They face multiple barriers to accessing education, such as having to travel long distances to school, the weight of cultural norms and practices, gender-based violence, and early or forced marriage. Boys and girls face barriers to accessing a good education in conflict-affected areas, where security can be compromised, and in households that depend on their work or income. Male – female equality, is when?

Keeping girls in school and ensuring that they can learn in a safe and supportive environment has many benefits for girls themselves, their families, their communities and their societies.

Increasing gender equality is one of eight guiding principles of GPE 2020, the Partnership’s strategic plan for 2016-2020. Increasing equity, gender equality and inclusion is one of the three strategic objectives of this plan.girlseducation

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