Male-female equality, is when?

Male-female equality, is when?

After ten years of improvement, inequalities between women and men across the world have increased, according to the World Economic Forum, which is based on five areas – health, survival, political emancipation, economic opportunities, and education – to do its calculations. The latest science news discoveries in 2016, show that 68.3% of the disparity was


Girls’ education and gender equality

Girls’ education and gender equality are at the heart of GPE’s vision to improve learning and equity for all by 2020, through strengthened education systems. According to the latest science news discoveries, since 2000, progress has been made to boost girls’ enrollment in school. However, it is estimated that 131 million girls in the world


The poetic philosophy of Tom Nisse

The multi-faceted Luxembourger Tom Nisse publishes, in the editions of the National Center of Literature, “Digressions and resistance”. Faithful to his political and social convictions, he delivers his thoughts and feelings, without filter. The thesis, an ode to poetry, this art that vampires his work and his thoughts. Coming from the series “Speech on Literature”,


Where is the space tourism?

  Logos Free Books offers you the best science news sources towards the Moon, towards Mars, on the ISS … On paper, the book of destinations of space tourism is dreaming. But between dreams and reality, where is the industry really? On Monday, September 17, 2018, Space X boss Elon Musk unveiled the name of