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Moon: Magnetic lava tubes explain Reiner Gamma enigma

Latest science news discoveries about the surface of the Moon presents curious patterns in whirlpools, whose origin remains mysterious. One of them, Reiner Gamma, has just been studied closely, leading to the idea that these lunar swirls would be the manifestation of highly magnetized lava tubes. The lunar swirls, these whirlwind-shaped patterns, are enigmatic shiny


In-Orbit Satellite Services: Europe Needs a Second Generation Vehicle

Given the importance of space for many economic sectors, the strong development of space activity and its privatization, orbital services, already identified, require a multi-tasking vehicle that Europe does not have. Thales Alenia Space is working on this idea and hopes that ESA and the European Commission will decide to finance the first steps of


Haiti Education: SEA celebrates “World Literacy Day”

LogosFreeBooks on Saturday, September 8, 2018 marks a new “International Literacy Day“. On this occasion, the Office of the Secretary of State for Literacy organized a series of activities, including an open day organized the day before. Visitors and guests took the opportunity to observe an exhibition on the achievements of the SEA in the


The poetic philosophy of Tom Nisse

The multi-faceted Luxembourger Tom Nisse publishes, in the editions of the National Center of Literature, “Digressions and resistance”. Faithful to his political and social convictions, he delivers his thoughts and feelings, without filter. The thesis, an ode to poetry, this art that vampires his work and his thoughts. Coming from the series “Speech on Literature”,