Haiti Education: SEA celebrates “World Literacy Day”

LogosFreeBooks on Saturday, September 8, 2018 marks a new “International Literacy Day“. On this occasion, the Office of the Secretary of State for Literacy organized a series of activities, including an open day organized the day before. Visitors and guests took the opportunity to observe an exhibition on the achievements of the SEA in the field of literacy.

The Secretary of State for Literacy, Emile Brutus, at a circumstantial press conference, sheds light on the meaning of this day. For him, this is a highlight where we always take the opportunity to raise awareness and raise awareness about the importance of literacy and efforts to achieve the goal of zero illiterate in Haiti.

Mr. Brutus took the opportunity to advocate for a literacy campaign that would allow literacy to progress. He deplores the fact that literacy is in Creole; while the Public Administration operates in French. ” It is not normal. This does not allow the literate to progress, “he regrets, while seeking the help of stakeholders in this direction.

Present among the personalities of the table of honor where were also the Minister of the National Education, Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet, the ambassador of Cuba in Haiti, the first adviser of the Embassy of Venezuela in Haiti, the president of the Education Committee in the Chamber of Deputies, Kétel Jean Philippe, the UNESCO Resident Representative in Haiti, Ambassador Paul Gomis wants the country to move forward in this area. Here you can read more about Global Education: The Human Rights Dimension.

He hailed the MENFP for having started this activity, while recalling the historic role played by Haiti in the first successful “Alpha” experiment worldwide in the town of Marbial (South-East) in 1947. D ‘ after Ambassador Gomis, today’s decision-makers must learn from this experience more than seven decades later.


For their part, the Cuban and Venezuelan representatives spoke successively of successful literacy experiences in their respective countries and reiterated their government’s support for Haiti for the success of the upcoming literacy campaign. For more information you can always contact us.

Placing a note of circumstance, Minister Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet says he believes that the best way to eradicate illiteracy is to ensure equitable access for all children to school, once and for all.

However, the number 1 of the MENFP believes that in the meantime we must accompany adults who must master the concepts of reading, writing and arithmetic, while also learning a trade to progress.

In this sense, he says, the MENFP is getting on with the task of developing a non-formal education policy document, with the support of all stakeholders. It also reviewed the 10-year Education and Training Plan (PDEF), which is currently being finalized, which also takes into account this important dimension of the Haitian education sector.

Education being considered everyone’s business, Minister Cadet has also invited everyone to play his part in achieving these goals.

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