“The day of the African child”

LogosFreeBooks.org on Saturday, October 7, 2017, provides you that a press conference was held at the CEFOD in N’Djamena to present the collection of news “The African Child’s Day“. This exceptional event was organized by the Association of Chadian Writers of French Speech (ASEAT). The press conference was also moderated by the indispensable Sosthène Mbernodji, secretary general of the Association.

This fascinating collection of short stories brings together the 6 best news of the literary contest “The Children of Toumaï”, the first edition of which was held in December 2016. This prize was created last year to allow the emergence of young literary talents at the Chad, in the absence of a viable cultural policy of the state. It was designed and sponsored by writer Thomas Dietrich, who also prefaced the collection of short stories. The jury of the literary prize, chaired by Professor Ngaoudandé of the University of Ndjamena, selected from among more than a hundred texts in the running 6 new deserving to appear in a collective collection. Who was presented to the press and the general public this Saturday.

The authors of this news are Mbaibé Guentar Béba (1st prize of the new), Ngodji Taramba (2nd prize of the new), Mairo Sorel (3rd prize of the new), Nicole Ndoubayo Momadji, Fonretouin Domwa and Mbaigannon Mbayo. Five of them were present Saturday at CEFOD to expose their work, which covers such important topics as excision, sex education, social exclusion, the sad phenomenon of street children, the preservation of heritage or still the impunity of the powerful. The young but talented authors have also taken the opportunity to dedicate their book to the audience, came many.

The 500 copies of the collective collection, published by Editions Toumaï (Barka Tao) are not intended, for the most part, to be sold. They will be distributed free in high schools, private and public but also in libraries or cultural centers in Ndjamena, Mongo, Bongor, Sarh, Kelo, Lai, Doba, Abeche … So they will be accessible to all, of all the children of Toumaï.

A second edition of the literary contest “Children of Toumaï” will be organized in 2018, with of course a second collection of the best texts to the key.

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