Male-female equality, is when?

After ten years of improvement, inequalities between women and men across the world have increased, according to the World Economic Forum, which is based on five areas – health, survival, political emancipation, economic opportunities, and education – to do its calculations.

The latest science news discoveries in 2016, show that 68.3% of the disparity was finally fulfilled, it declined 0.3 percent in 2017. Three times nothing? Except that at this rate, noted the Forum, “global gender gap should take 100 years to resorb, against 83 last year.” To achieve global equality between the sexes, he should wait about 99 years in the field – policy, and 217 years or year 2234 – so that economic opportunities are the same for women than for men.

Reducing the gap between the genres of here 25% by 2025, global GDP could jump from $ 5300 billion, according to the Economic Forum. Yes, the participation of women is good for prosperity.

Unfortunately, the devil of discrimination still vigorously reigns on Earth, as turn him in a special issue recent Courrier International entitled “women, a global struggle. Examples? The right of female vote, which remains almost non-existent in some countries such as Saudi Arabia, where women are allowed to vote only in local elections, and only from 2015. While the United Arab Emirates, a sorting system does not provide all the access to the polls. Not better in the corridors paneled U.S. economy, where only a third of students are a doctorate; a figure that does not progress for twenty years. And where sexism flourishes like an old lizard in the Sun.

Misogynistic clichés

To demonstrate this, a student at the University of Berkeley husked, as part of its brief, thousands of anonymous comments on the ‘Job Market Rumors’ forum, very taken of students and teachers in economics. Result: the terms mostly associated with women were: “super-hot”, “lesbian”, “baby”, “Japanese”, “marriage”, “feminazi”, “tramp”, “vagina”, “excited,” ‘Secretary’, ‘shopping’, ‘old’… While the key words associated with men were: “mathematician”, “counsel”, “motivated”, ‘objective’, ‘Nobel’ and ‘philosopher ‘. Conclusion: even when policies on equality are there, to get killed the Misogynistic clichés encysted in the brain of some is a different kettle of fish.

Slow evolution

It is also by an anecdote that says a lot about the ‘anchored’ representations that the sociologist of the kind the Unil Sébastien Chauvin draws a society that finally would be fairer to women. According to him, the world “will be already a little more equal the day where they will announce that a woman like Angela Merkel is in a relationship with a young footballer as Neymar, and everyone finds it as normal that the couple formed by Melania and Donald Trump.” Certainly, Angela Merkel already has a “first man.” But her husband, Joachim Sauer, has twenty-five years younger or a spent top model. At the age of 68, this scientist even folds only very rarely to ‘programmes of the first ladies’ concocted in the margin of each G20. And as soon as it appears, some items rave about his presence in the middle of “women of,” as if it had dropped an elephant in the middle of a Tupperware. At the same time, the looks of the Melania Trump, Brigitte Macron and sisters make flow liters of ink.

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